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Life Choices

We plan for our vacations, the education of our children, our retirement. It makes sense to include funeral arrangements in our life planning activities as well.

Pre-planning protects your family from facing complex decisions at a time when peace of mind is extremely important. And, if you elect to pre-pay your funeral, your costs will be secured at today's prices, enabling you to further protect your family from dealing with unexpected expenses.

But another equally important reason to pre-plan is that you may specify exactly the type of funeral you desire, and consider those many decisions at your leisure, in the comfort and privacy of your home.

To begin your planning process, please explore the following options:

In Person
Please call us at 973-471-9620 to set up an appointment to discuss planning ahead with a caring professional.

To begin pre-planning online, please fill out our Online Pre-Planning Form (below). A member of our staff will contact you after you submit your form (if requested).